The Flag Project

The Maryland Historical Society is sponsoring a fabulous project this summer! I am very excited to be part of Stitching History! The flag project will re-create the 42’x30′ flag that inspired our national anthem. Over 100 stitchers have volunteered to help!
Two hundred years ago this summer, Mary Pickersgill from Baltimore ( my favorite city!) made the Star Spangled Banner in a small row house in the city.
I grew up in a row house just outside the city line, and I can tell you that making a large flag that is bigger than the house must have been an incredible feat….especially in the hot humid summer with no AC!
So this year on the 4th of July the Flag Project began! The first stitches were taken at Fort Mc Henry and then the project moved to the Maryland Historical Society to hand-stitch the stripes together.
I helped to cut the yards of fabric into stripes. I’ll be telling you more about this in the next 6 weeks, as we sew the flag during the same amount of time that Mary Pickersgill sewed 200 years ago.
And, yes! We do have AC!



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