Star Pupils

Sometimes people ask me how I get so much stitching done. Sometimes the secret is asking for help! Today was a great example!

I have been cutting out and preparing the stars for the flag project. They are two feet wide and are made out of white Kona cotton. To get the shapes right, I cut out stars from freezer paper (it took an entire roll of freezer paper to make the 15 stars!) and ironed the freezer paper to the fabric. The big job was to baste the fabric edges over the paper.

I knew that if I got them ready, I could take them to my Grad Class and ask for their help! It was amazing! Twenty four quilters worked a total of 8 volunteer hours to baste the 15 stars! Done! But here’s the fun part….they did it in thirty minutes! And…..they thanked me for including them in the flag project!

These are my amazing Star Pupils!

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help!




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