Summer Fun

This afternoon I have to take my niece to the airport so she can go back to her family in North Carolina. She is 14 and has been coming to stay with us for a week ever since she was 7. The hardest part is sending her back home.

This year she has been to the fireworks, made friendship bracelets, shopped at the mall, sewed name flag banners, volunteered at the Historical Society for the Flag Project, ate crabs, went to an Oriole’s baseball game, and camped out on the back porch with her friends, my neighbors.

I love it! They have so much fun. This year theres always music and singing. It reminds me of my friends when I was that age. I can remember practicing the words and moves to “Stop in the Name of Love” with my “Supreme” friends!

Here’s my favorite photo from this past week. It’s so fun and carefree! Wouldn’t we all like to be the happy girls in this photo…..just for this one glorious moment!


Here’s to fun summer memories!


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