The Best Show and Tell

On Saturday night at Quilt Odyssey, Norma and I are the hostesses for the signature Show and Tell event for over 400 students. The teachers get to tell about their classes and the students get to show off their projects, but Norma and I get to have a lot of fun creating excitement for the evening.

This year was one of our best! We gave all the teachers beach balls when they entered the ballroom filled with students. As we threw the beach balls into the crowd, we expected fun….but we were surprised as the balls bounced around the room for about ten minutes to the sounds of the Beach Boys. The teachers got into it, especially Bonnie Hunter, who must have been a volleyball star in her younger years! Color, fun, and excitement!

Our costumes for the evening were inspired by the beach ball idea. We went to the dollar store and spent $11 for our outfits……$2 for the Hawaiian leis……$2 for the flowers for our hair….$2 for the plastic seashell bikini tops we wore over pink t shirts…..$2 for the pink and orange martini glasses…..and $3 for the fake grass skirts ( we each needed 1 1/2 to cover our assets!)


We had lots of fun this year, can’t believe we really wore these crazy outfits, and certainly gave our students something to talk about when they returned home.

We always end the night with our favorite Girl Scout song…..taps.
Come have fun with us next year at the end of July in Hershey!



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