Flag Stars…..day one

Yesterday afternoon was very exciting! We spread out the blue area of the flag….technically called the “canton”. It is sixteen feet square and constructed of eight strips of fabric, hand stitched together like the red and white stripes. that job had to be done before we could add the stars that are two feet wide! Yes, its big! We had to use all of the rectangular tables in the room, so the red and white stripes are resting on the round tables for a few days.


It was a challenge to place the stars correctly on this large area. A few brave ladies crawled on the tables and a visitor offered us his cane to adjust the stars. After the stars were placed, we adjusted them so that they “spangled”…..just like the stars in the Star Spangled Banner……each row seems to dance.


The stars are pinned to the blue fabric. Today we will baste them to the canton, and hopefully start to appliqué them! I’ve been waiting for this day!

Hooray for the stars!


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