We had our Grad School picnic yesterday, including quilting fun, food and lots of laughter. We even had a bean bag toss competition between our red and blue teams. We all need to practice for next year!

One of the highlights of the party were these darling cupcakes!


They were made by Nechama’s daughter Hadassah who is 12. She came to work on the flag project with her mom on Sunday. She helped cut out stars and took a few stitches in the stripes. She was so excited and showed me her stitches….she could find them out of the thousands of already there! She came over to the stars with me and took some appliqué stitches. Then Cathy showed her how to do English paper piecing on hexagons. Hadassah was very excited, and went home and made us cupcakes for our party! There’s even 15 stars!

You just never know how a few stitches of kindness will inspire someone else to do something fun!



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