Star Report

One week ago we placed the two-foot wide tars on the blue canton and started to stitch. Yesterday all fifteen were stitched on the front of the flag! Appliqué stitchers rock!


Here’s how the stars will be finished on the back…..this is a picture showing the back of the stitches.


A thin strip of 1/4″ wide light fusible interfacing is ironed on the back about 5/8″ away from the stitches. This keeps the blue fabric from raveling …..there are only 17 threads per inch and the threads love to come apart when the fabric is cut.


The blue fabric is cut away inside the strip of interfacing…..scary job!


Then the blue fabric is removed, also the freezer paper star inside is removed, to expose the blue star.


Finally, the interfacing strips are turned under to create a clean seam allowance. This will be hand appliquéd to the star.


It’s really wonderful….it creates a two-sided star with one layer of white fabric. This is how the Star Spangled Banner was originally made! Oh….skip the fusible interfacing step!……and the freezer paper part! We used freezer paper for two reasons…to shape the stars, and to protect the white fabric while we cut away the blue behind the star.

Hoping to get two stars done today!


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