500 Stitchers!

Today was the second public stitching day for the flag project. I had fun greeting visitors who came to stitch. We had over 500 stitchers today! It was so much fun! There were friends and families and historical reenactors and everyone was very excited about being a part of history.

Some of my very favorite people came…..Bob, Jon, Julia and Drew. I love Drew’s patriotic shirt!


Drew took a stitch in the hem of the flag.


Julia checked out the map. Guests put a pin in the map to indicate where they came from. There’s a pin in 45 of the states! There’s also pins in about ten other countries!


A young mom brought her two children to visit her parents in Baltimore. They live in Hong Kong! I love this picture of a CBS producer kneeling down to interview the children…..and the grandfather has his camera out too!


These are my favorite outfits of the day. All the grandkids made their flag shirts with fingerprints. What a proud grandmother!


Many stitches were added to the long 42′ stripes today!


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