Flag Stars…..day done!

I can’t wait to get downtown to the Maryland Historical Society this morning! Today is the day we finish the stars! There’s about four star points that need a few more stitches and then we will be adding the blue canton to the short stripes at the top of the flag. The canton is 16 feet wide and the short stripes are 26 feet long….the flag will really start to grow!

Fifty eight volunteers have stitched on the stars in the past two weeks, and many visitors have added their stitches…..I’d guess about 100 people have stitches in the stars! That’s pretty amazing to me! Also remember that over 1000 people have stitched on the stripes…..and it’s all been done by hand!

Really….I think some of us have secretly wished that sewing machines had been invented in 1813!


We have eight days until our deadline on August 22. Another milestone was reached yesterday…..the group working on the long 42 foot stripes…..added the final stripe to that piece.

I’m really glad that my part in this doesn’t stop today….. next week I will be helping to piece the flag together.
What an amazing project!



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