Hoist (noun)

The hoist (noun) is the side of the flag that gets attached to large clasps so that the flag can be hoisted (verb). Apologies…….I used to teach English!

Yesterday hand forged circular grommet-like “thimbles” (forged by a blacksmith at Lexington Market) were spliced into a rope (by a specialist from the Constellation ship in Baltimore harbor). I love that so many local resources were used in the Stitching History project!


Today we attached a linen strip to the hoist end of the flag, basted it three times (I really do love basting!) and also stitched through it two times. It has to be secure when we hoist the flag at Fort McHenry. The rope with a grommet spliced at each end was placed inside the hoist and folded over the rope. Here’s a photo of one end clipped and ready to sew.


Tomorrow we will sew as many rows of stitches as possible (five? seven?) to secure the hoist to the flag and create a tight fold over the rope. This is the last step in making our flag.

As we worked on the flag today, at one point we spread it out full. We put all of our cameras, smart phones, and tablets in a tote bag and Kristen went to a second floor area and took photos for everyone. A fun reward for working all morning!


“Huzzah!” That’s 1813 for Hooray!


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