Sewing Room……Museum!

I love these “cards” that friends post on Facebook. Sometimes they are just so appropriate. This one arrived this week.

I am auditioning fabrics for a fun project, so there is fabric everywhere. It looks great to me!
Here’s my favorite photo…’s my ironing board….can you find the iron?

And here’s some Civil War prints…..

And some summer colors…..

And some coordinated fabrics…..

And more….except that top green has got to go!

And I’m not sure what this group is for…..

Now…..where’s the sewing machine?

I’ll find it!


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One response to “Sewing Room……Museum!

  1. Anne Trudel

    Mimi, I sent you a package yesterday with the embroidery flosses …. so glad your granddaughter was a part of the flag project with you…. Anne

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