Iron Man

Last weekend I had the honor of going to the Iron Man Florida competition in Panama Beach. My son Ryan was a competitor, an athlete.

An Iron Man is a 2.5 mile swim followed by a bike ride over 100 miles, and then a marathon 26 mile run. Crazy! Amazing! Not the place you usually find this quilter! It started with a very early morning wake up, with the swim start at 7 am. Ryan finished at 7pm, twelve hours, one minute, and five seconds after his start. He is an Iron Man!

Here’s my favorite photo of him, he has just finished the bike and ready to run the marathon!


One of my favorite events was the athlete dinner. Bob and I sat with Ryan, his wife, and Ryan’s friend who was also competing, and her friend, who just happened to be one of my quilting students… just never know where you will meet quilters! There were inspiring videos and a challenge to the athletes to have fun and enjoy the day…..they have been training for this day!

I can’t imagine swimming, biking and running for twelve hours, but that challenge made sense to me! What if I was challenged to do my favorite thing for twelve hours straight? Could I do it? It’s all relative!

I’m sure I could be an Iron Quilter!


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