I am very very excited! Click on the colorful bar to the right to see what I’ve been up to! My new class is called Finishing School! I love the name!

About six weeks ago I went to Denver and filmed a class with a fabulous company called Craftsy!
Craftsy is an on-line site that has classes for quilting, knitting, cake decorating, fine art, cooking and more! When you download a class, you keep it forever! You can watch it in your pajamas! And there are really cool tools that you can use to ask questions to the teacher, discuss with other students, and rewind 30 seconds to see something again.

I have wanted to film a class for a long time, but there’s always been something stopping me. This time, when Craftsy asked me, I knew it was the right time and jumped at the opportunity! I worked for a month to get ready and organized, then worked with a fun production crew in Denver for three days. There was makeup and hair! Lights and cameras! Laughter and retakes! A fun celebration dinner! I had a blast! It was fun, exciting, challenging and I am so thrilled that it did it!

Here’s the picture of me when the filming was finished!


Actually, I was tired, relieved, and about to burst into tears! I did it!

I saw the finished class a few days ago. All the little detail things that I worried about since Denver (or that I tried so hard not to worry about) turned out great! They have some fabulous editors on their team, too!

So if you have a quilt that needs binding or would like to try a special edge like prairie points, piping or scallops, click on the colorful bar on the right and check out my Finishing School! You can also access it from my website ……there’s a 25% discount just for you!




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4 responses to “Craftsy!

  1. JoAnn Pennington

    I just finished your online Craftsy class, “Finishing School”. It was wonderful! You are such a great teacher! I understood everything you were explaining and can’t wait to try the new processes on some of my quilts. I have always said I was not a hand-stitcher, so I have never tried hand applique, but I might delve into it sometime soon. I was very interested in learning that you are from Baltimore! I am from the Millersville area, just down Rt. 97 a bit. I’d love to meet you at a nearby lecture sometime soon. Maybe you could do your next Craftsy class on applique. I’ll sign up for it! Thanks again! JoAnn Pennington

  2. Margaret Grimes

    Hi. I just saw this. I love Craftsy. I have about 10 knitting and machine quilting, and serger classes to sit and do. I’ve done some and they are great. I’m downloading yours…just because….

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