College Basketball Season!

It’s my favorite sports season of the year!

Things are just getting started, but in the past week, we saw UMBC play an exciting overtime win, the Maryland women play the number one UConn team, and last night we went to the Maryland men’s game against Oregon State.

The fun part about Oregon State is that Michelle Obama’s brother is the coach. The First Family all came to the game, sitting in the first row behind the Oregon team (we sit in the last row way up high), so there was tons of extra security, lots of noisy excited students, and great energy.

The Star-Spangled Banner was played by the Army Brass Quintet and sung by an amazing young man….probably one of the best I’ve ever heard….and a large flag was unfurled on the court.


Maryland showed off with a huge state flag, unfurled over the student section with musical fanfare! Always a treat to see this!


It’s been a fun start to the season!



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2 responses to “College Basketball Season!

  1. DebrafromMD

    Go Duke!

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