Thanks Giving

As we start this week of giving thanks, I am most grateful for this past weekend. It started as an empty weekend after a very busy week of quilt lectures. So I invited my granddaughter Julia over for a sewing sleepover!

A few weeks ago I traded in an older Bernina sewing machine (it was actually rescued and went to a fun new home!) for the bottom of the line, easy to understand, new Baby Bernina. It’s a 215 for those of us that speak Bernina….my regular machine is a 440.

When Julia arrived she had lots of ideas for sewing, and she noticed right away that there was a new machine. So I told her that this time I was going to let her thread it and learn to wind the bobbin because someday she could have it. Well……excitement! She wanted to learn everything about it! And wanted to know how to learn everything. The answer? Play!

So I let her cut up pieces of fabric and just sew. She sewed around squares and rectangles and edges and through the middle…..all by herself! I was amazed at how she could control where the stitches went. She started with a small piece…….


………And spent two days making little “art” pieces, a tote bag, a pillow, some quilt squares, a ladybug pin cushion, and a “snow” quilt (made entirely by herself for me, so I couldn’t see it until it was done!”)


Julia had a blast, but this grandmother had a fabulous weekend. I loved her enthusiasm, I loved her creativity, I loved the colors she put together, I loved that she was sewing all by herself. I loved that she could thread the machine. We still have to work on threading the needle and getting the bobbin in the right way, but all the fun stuff was happening this weekend!

The turkey might not be cooked, but I am ready for Thanks Giving!


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  1. Jennifer Jett

    This is a weekend she will remember fondly forever!

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