‘Tis the Season

This morning I am sitting in my warm house with my hot cup of tea, planning to go to a Maryland basketball game this afternoon, and bake Christmas cookies tomorrow. I love this season!

But I love all the seasons for different reasons. In the past six weeks, I’ve experienced three of them!

At the beginning of November, we were in Panama City Florida, loving the warmth and colors of summer.


We returned to the best part of fall….gorgeous trees full of color! The warmth was gone and there was a little coolness in the air.


This week, winter arrived with a beautiful coating of snow and ice. Baby, it’s cold outside! No matter how much they forecast or how much snow we get, it’s always a signal to me that I should definitely stay home and quilt!


Spring is a long way off, but I always look forward to the spring colors as the trees bud and the flowers appear. There’s something wonderful about each of the seasons here in Maryland.

What season is your favorite?



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3 responses to “‘Tis the Season

  1. Sue Hilton

    I too love all the seasons in Maryland, (well, I’m not sure about winter…it’s beautiful but don’t want to go outside then. LOL), but I think my favorite is spring. All the colors are new and bright, with the buds promising more. You can start enjoying the outdoors again, looking forward to walks and flowers and gorgeous flowering trees, and summer days at the pool. And it’s a loooong time until winter again!

  2. Merry Christmas to one of the most talented sewers/quilters that I can call a chum. Please have a blast. After what you did for us, the museum, the State and even our countries history , you deserve to have a fantastic and healthy 2014.

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