A Perfect Birthday

I really don’t like having a January birthday…..it’s a little close after the holidays. One year I celebrated my birthday in July and it was so different to get summer presents….beach towel, flip flops, funky sunglasses.

This year, I had a perfect January birthday. We had snow all day long! The previous record for snow on my birthday was 2″….and we broke that record with about 8″……more or less depending on wind drifts. It was a beautiful, stay inside, open presents, talk to friends, make a cake and a good dinner with Bob kind of perfect day!

The snow is blowing around this morning.


But I’ve got my cup of tea…..


And a warm fire….


And a quilt to finish for Julia……


The Perfect Birthday continues!



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2 responses to “A Perfect Birthday

  1. Judi

    A very happy birthday, Mimi! May you have many more “perfect” birthdays!

    Judi (one of the MHS stitchers this summer and a December birther, so I totally get it)

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