Fifty Years Ago

Today I was really looking forward to “taking a trip in the way back machine!” I was going back to my high school with two classmates and doing a presentation for Career Day. I’m sure there would be lawyers and company executives and successful young women, but the three of us are representing The Arts! A quilter, a novelist, and film producer!

We were all sophomores fifty years ago. The Beatles arrived in America fifty years ago. We don’t know where those fifty years went! As soon as we got together again, those fifty years disappeared!

Kathy M ( there’s two Kathys) is the ultimate Beatles fan. My favorite memory of her is her suitcase full of Beatles magazines that she brought to my house when she spent the night. We would spend the night looking at pictures of the Fab Four and playing their music. She produced a documentary about Good Ol’ Freda, the Beatles secretary, and has spent the last few years creating, marketing, and traveling to promote the film. We reconnected at the Maryland Film Festival and were suddenly 15 again!

Kathy B has written three novels about growing up in Baltimore. We reconnected after a class reunion and I read her first novel. Who could imagine that two girls from the same English class would grow up to write books…real books!

We were so ready, so excited about telling our stories to young women who have no idea how amazing their lives can become! We know they will see us as old alumnae, but hope they can also see the fun we have had…..and it all started at IND.

But wait……there was an ice storm overnight! The schools are closed today! So glad these old ladies won’t slip on the ice! And we still get to look forward to our presentation on a warmer day!

I’m going to stay in and sew today! Here’s one of my favorite photos of John Lennon for inspiration…..I feel like I’m 15……that’s when I learned to sew!



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  1. Maureen Craig

    I love the pic of John Lennon at a sewing machine. So cool!

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