Snow Days….Sew Days

It’s March and we still have lots of snow!
Yesterday I hunkered down with a quilting project. Every summer Norma Campbell and I design a project for Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA at the end of July. It’s great fun….but what most people don’t know is that we work on it all year long!
This year it’s a fun pieced design called Spool Spirit….we are celebrating the 15th year of Quilt Odyssey and the 200th year of the Star-Spangled Banner!
So yesterday as the snow came down, I started to quilt…..
I love to hand-baste pieces that I hand quilt. You can see it in the photos…..not very exciting….it’s about every 1 1/2″….. Sure to keep the layers together so they won’t slip as I quilt.
I quilted “in the ditch” around the spools in the center….good way to warm up my stitches! Then I quilted stars and swags in the white triangles… appropriate as the snow came down yesterday!

Today I’m working on the border… takes nerves of steel! White stitches on a dark blue border….but it looks so good!

And here’s a photo of the entire design….aren’t the spools fun!

Norma and I will be teaching this at Hershey in the hot month of July!
Come join us!


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  1. This is super cool girls! Happy Spring, well I keep hoping.

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