Monkey Business!

With the Fourth of July, my niece Caroline comes to visit from North Carolina. She’s fifteen ( so close to 16!) and spends wonderful hours with my neighbors Sarah and Emma. It’s my favorite time of summer….full of action and music and laughter.
This year they decided they wanted to make sock monkeys……really? Yep! Sock Monkeys!
So we went to Target and got colorful knee highs and came home and sewed. We got directions on line, I sewed the pieces by machine and cut them out, and they stuffed and did all the hand sewing.
Aren’t they adorable!

And here are the monkey mamas…..I think they are adorable too!

I love this summer fun!


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One response to “Monkey Business!

  1. Teri

    oh how happy and cute…. and the monkeys too! Better than any monkeys I remember. F-U-N!

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