Fun and Exciting News!

Here’s the news I promised in the last post…….next summer in July I am going to be inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame!
I’m overwhelmed, honored, and very very excited!

I’ve known this secret for a few months but needed to keep it a secret until Ruth McDowell was inducted this year. Her pieced art quilts are amazing!
Next year the exhibits will be Appliqué !
I went to Indiana to teach this year…..that’s been scheduled for a long time…..but the fun part was meeting the Indiana quilters and hearing my name announced after the ceremony.
Think about joining me for next year’s Celebration!




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6 responses to “Fun and Exciting News!

  1. You have always been a Hall of Famer to me! Congratulations!

  2. Julia P

    Congratulations!! It was exciting to hear your name announced for the 2015 Hall of Fame. Well deserved for an outstanding quilter!

  3. Congratulations, Mimi! Well-deserved honor. Sounds like a grad school road trip opportunity.

  4. Sue Hilton

    Congratulations Mimi. Definitely deserved!! Ooooo, grad school road trip?

  5. Debra McCarriar

    Yes, definitely a road trip. Congratulations Mimi! We always knew you were the best.

  6. Alice Isenbart

    Truly an honor but oh so well deserved, Mimi! Kudos! I’ve already told Lee we’ve got a road trip scheduled for next year! Indiana or bust!!

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