Lighting the Fire

I have had a fabulous summer, a busy summer, an exciting summer! I can hear my mom’s voice saying, Mimi, you are doing too much!

Yes, I can feel it! When I got home from the beach, Craftsy in Denver, the Quilters Hall of Fame in Indiana, and Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA, I will admit it….I really felt burned out! So I did sit on the back porch and read….or just sat on the back porch and drink iced tea! After all, it was perfect weather this summer.

But a whole month has gone by. So what do you do to get back in the groove? Sit on the back porch….drink iced tea…..catch up on lunches with friends…..spend a day sewing something totally new with friends….go to an Orioles game….

Get out a quilt that I’ve been wanting to finish…..this picture was from last October!

And just enjoy looking at the quilting, and finally! Put the binding on!

It’s September! I’m ready to do some more stitching! I wonder what’s next?


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