Star-Spangled Spectacular

This past week has been amazing in Baltimore. Thousands of visitors have come to our city to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner. We’ve had festivals, tall ships, parades, historical interpretations, Blue Angels, special guests, and of course, flags!

In the past two days, I have been totally overwhelmed by a few events and thought you might like a very personal outlook.
Three times, I just found myself stopping and letting the experiences happen. Just stopping and watching while I realized that I was in some very special places, just because I love to stitch. Because I got involved last summer with the Stitching History Project.

Yesterday morning, by the dawn’s early light, I was there because of some very caring people, when our hand-made flag was raised at Fort McHenry…..exactly 200 years after our National Anthem was written. I couldn’t stop watching the beautiful flag as it flew in perfect weather on a perfect breeze. Our Stitching History flag….truly a part of history. Amazing!


After a long afternoon nap (I thought you might like to know that) Bob and I took the flag to Camden Yards for the Oriole Game. We got special parking, special seats with a volunteer flag crew, and after folding the flag so it would unfurl perfectly, we held the flag at sunset during the National Anthem. We couldn’t see what it looked like until later, but I looked up to see thousands of people looking at our flag, snapping photos, and singing a loud Baltimore O! Amazing!


This morning I slept very late and was speechless as I picked up the Baltimore Sunpaper and saw……amazing!……. A large photo of our flag from yesterday morning. Of all the events happening yesterday, the Sun chose a fabulous photo of our flag for the front page. Truly, it us very overwhelming to realize how important our stitches are.


So I guess I could talk about how important all the little stitches are in life….how when they come together they make something incredibly important. But for me it has simply been doing something I love. Did I say how amazing this is to me? I will never forget this weekend!



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5 responses to “Star-Spangled Spectacular

  1. Maureen Craig

    Thank you for sharing this with us all. I feel proud to know that you honored our flag and country with the making of this quilt.

  2. Maureen Craig

    I mean, FLAG!! And thanks to all the stitchers who worked on it!

  3. Teri

    Sp exciting and WONDERFUL!

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