October 2014

Today is Halloween, the last day of October, and I’ve been thinking about this post all month.
October can be a very scary month…..

(Thanks to MaryLou Weidman who gave me this scary pumpkin pin!)

But it’s also the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. There are reminders everywhere…..ribbons, bracelets, races, and announcements. For me, October five years ago was a very scary month. Breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, telling family and friends, and wondering what the future would bring. So this month when I went to visit my doctor, I just took a deep breath, wore my bracelet from my darling yoga teacher and pulled all my hope and strength together.


……..my doctor walked into the room, smiled and started talking about the quilt she is thinking about making for her daughter……I had to stop her and say, first tell me I’m OK…..she did, and then we talked quilting! Hooray! Hooray! Five years since diagnosis! Life is great!

One of the quilting projects I have been working on….for five years….is a collection of quilts based on my favorite get well cards. One of them came from a friend that I visited this week. I brought her the quilt made from her card. Unknown to me, she had a scare recently. She’s fine, but was so emotional when she saw the quilt…..somehow, October was the perfect time to give it to her. And here’s that HOPE theme again…..


So here is a sweet pink ribbon for all of my Bosom Buddies…..Sue and Mary and Mary and the other Mimi, and most of all for Claudia and her family…..and Jess and her baby…..and Becca who ran 100 miles this month…..and Sarah…..and Maria…..and my yoga class……too many …….we are amazing!



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