November 2014

So now it’s November….the Thankful Month!
I’m going to start the month with a quilt show for the next few days. Five years ago I was overwhelmed with the number of wonderful Get Well cards that came my way. They were cheerful, funny, touching, serious, and very much appreciated! There were a few that I needed to keep out at all times just to remind me of all the cards….and to remind me to be positive and put a smile on my face if at all possible! They also reminded me to be thankful for my friends who sent cards…..This taught me how important it is to keep in touch!

I intended to make a series of quilts using designs from the Top Ten cards. I worked on it, put the project away for awhile, made another quilt, but I only finished six of them. You saw the HOPE one in the last post… get ready to see the rest!

This sweet notecard was number FIVE….I love the poem on it and the way the words are arranged. I actually received this card from three different people.


One day at Village Quilters, I bought fabric with the words of the poem printed on it! Just what I needed to make the quilt for this card. It’s not the same layout, but the message is clear….and it sure is pink!


Come back soon to see some more!


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