Quilt Countdown!

My Get Well Card Quilts were lots of fun to make……For most of them I took the cards to a print shop and had them enlarged to about 16″ x18″. Then I decided on a background and appliquéd and embroidered the words and images, cutting the fabric pieces from the enlarged pattern. This one ….number four!…..was a challenge because I wanted a vertical quilt and the original card was “landscape”.

The card was DIY! My nephew Sam painted the background and my sister-in-law Sarah chose the quote and did the calligraphy. Sam also sent me a great CD of music that included Lynard Skynard. I love to read this quote!


For the quilt, I chose a batik background that reminds me of Sam’s water colors. I copied the letters with a water-erasable pen, and stitched them with two strands of embroidery floss and a chain stitch, adding a few little buttons to dot the I’s. Maria O’Haver quilted around the letters and added wonderful quilted feathers. I love it!


There’s three more…stop back to see them! Maybe you will be inspired to make a quilt from your favorite greeting card!


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