Think Positive!

This time five years ago, there were days when I just did nothing. No energy, just lay-on-the-couch or take-a-nap days. Nothing to sew, no good book to read, didn’t feel like cooking……chemo can do that to you…..but there was a very special card that helped me to know I would get past all that!

This card came from a quilting friend who loves great quotes. Of course I love the quote on this card! I kept this card in the family room all the time so that I would be inspired by the quote. But every once in awhile, a strong sunbeam would come through the back door and make the stars on this card twinkle! Seriously twinkle! The sun hit the white and silver stars and made them light up……there was such great positive energy in this card!


This card had to become a quilt! I used white and silver fabrics, cut them into lots of stars, and fused them onto the blue batik quilt. But it also needed crystals! What fun to sew them on and watch the sunbeams light up this quilt!


Now, five years later, I’m still inspired by this quilt, this quote, the sparkling energy…..and am so thankful that my friend took the time to share this great card with me.



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4 responses to “Think Positive!

  1. Wow Mimi! Thank you for sharing this. An inspiring card and wonderful quilted representation!

  2. I just found you while searching “story quilts”. Your Think Positive quilt is lovely. Please tell me, how did you make the letters? Thank you.
    Janie of much-too-long-dormant Isabella’s Whimsy.

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