My Favorite Card

My favorite card is not flowery or beautiful or touching or even bright and colorful. But the day it arrived, I looked at the return address, expected a wonderful friendly greeting, and was totally surprised! The message startled me and made me laugh out loud…..really laugh out loud. The greeting is rather irreverent, but truly so perfect! This is my favorite card…..


Every time I looked at it, I realized I was not saying to myself, “Why me?” I was saying “What….is happening? And then…..what can I do to make things better!”
Some of my friends think it says, “What’s The Future?” What can I hope for in the future? Five years ago I wasn’t sure there was any future….but this card really helped me to “put my big girl panties on” and make an effort to look to the future. And I always remembered how hard I laughed when I first saw it!

Here’s the quilt I made with the card design…..adding more color and some fun buttons for embellishment.


So I really intended to make ten quilts. This week I decided to share the cards and quilts on my blog, and declare that I have finished this project! It’s time to maybe make a quilt out of all my leftover pink fabrics and donate it to a breast cancer cause.
Time to start a new project.
Time to be thankful now that it’s November.
Time to keep looking toward the future!


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