My Baltimore Hon

Last week I was looking for a photo of this quilt and realized it was not on my blog… here she is! My Baltimore Hon!


Four years ago I took a class with Mary Lou Weidman who is from the Seattle area and makes story quilts. I love her quilts with their funky colors, colorful block borders, and of course stories! She inspired me to finally make this quilt that’s been in my thoughts for many years.

My Hon is really a Baltimore Album Quilt…it has all the elements in a traditional Baltimore quilt….flowers, dimensional appliquéd blossoms, birds (see the Oriole and Raven!), but there are also pieced row houses, a crab cake based on a traditional block, and ruby slippers because there’s no place like home!

Everyone who sees it loves to look at all the details. There are bees in her beehive hairdo, crystals sparkling in special places, and gathered ruching techniques to enhance her figure. She is truly a big step out of the box for this traditional quilter!

Aren’t you glad to meet her!



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2 responses to “My Baltimore Hon

  1. I love this! Great inspiration, I love Marylou’s class also. It was great meeting you at your class in Columbia. I hope you you come back.

  2. Wonderful!! I’ve made 3 “Mary Lou” quilts, but I am inspired by yours! She’s definitely right about filling negative space and that’s where I struggle. Actually did it best in my first one. Go figure! I’ve also really appreciated your appliqué work over the years. I’m working on a Mexican Rose for my son’s wedding gift (machine appliqué). He and his wife (I’m 2 yrs behind!) would really like a story quilt, especially since I did one for her sister and my nephew’s wedding gift, but all my kids are getting traditional red & green quilts first. I think my next story quilt will be for them about their wedding in Mexico. There are a lot of stories to tell in that one! Thanks for the inspiration!

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