How Did It All Start?

Have you ever wondered why you ended up on a certain path?

I wonder why I am so fascinated with quilts! Is it the fabric? Is it the texture? Is it the colors? The history? The story behind the quilt? 

Well, here’s my theory about this……When I was little I slept under a quilt. It was just a pretty blanket. But it was soft and cuddly and warm. It was pretty colors and there were 20 circular “Dresden Plate” designs. I spent hours trying to find two that were exactly alike. I also spent time looking at how it was made….I even picked apart a few seams to see what was inside. Later I found out that my quilt was made by my great-grandmother who I had never met. Then I found out that she made quilts for my mom’s brothers and sisters….eight all together. I have three of the quilts and one lives in Mississippi. Another was lost in a fire. Maybe someday I will find the other three. Hmmm….what a great quilt story.

Yes, I think that quilt started it all, even before I learned to sew. 



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  1. Linda

    Mimi, I enjoyed reading your post. My quiltmaking journey started similarly. When I was a small child, our family had a quilt that my grandmother had made. It was a pink quilt with appliqued butterflies on it. It completely fascinated me.

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