My Very First Quilt

Forty years ago, I was working for a fabulous sewing company called Stretch and Sew. I was pregnant with my first child, and so were two of my friends who worked with me. They were talking about making baby quilts one day, and I just thought, well, I can sew, of course I can make a quilt! So we made quilts for Jeremiah, Becca, and Jon……and I can still see them… was a black and white patchwork quilt, one was a green and yellow Hawaiian applique, and mine was appliquéd Sunbonnet Sues and Overall Bills. I bought my fabrics at a department store in the notions department, and learned to quilt by reading books and magazines and talking to friends! Of course, I could make a quilt!

When I think about this, I’m always amazed that my first quilt was appliquéd! 



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