I watched David Letterman’s last show this week. Somewhere in the middle I realized he didn’t have a “special guest”. Instead he thanked and acknowledged everyone who made his show possible. He is an amazing guy, and this was such a classy way to end his show.

As I get ready for The Quilters Hall of Fame in July, gratitude is very important to me. Yes, I am being inducted because I have worked hard at quilting and because I love it, but I would not be doing it if it weren’t for so many people that I need to thank.

So here’s a start! Thanks to my great grandmother who made the quilt I slept under, my parents, my teachers, especially Sister Bernina at IND, my education at UMBC, Stretch and Sew owners Vicki and even Hank the Crank, who taught me to always put my scissors in a safe place.

Thanks to That Patchwork Place who published my books and made me a “professional quilter”, and to Craftsy for giving me the fun opportunity to teach in a new way!

My quilting friends, my quilting groups, Eternal Quilters, Village Quilters, Baltimore Applique Society, especially Monday Night Madness, my quilting students, my Grad Class. You all taught me that quilting isn’t just about making quilts, it’s all the threads that connect us!

And thanks to my family, especially Bob, who gets to sleep under my quilts! My sons who lived through so much of this quilting fun with me, and my brother John who shares the craziness of creativity with me.

And a special thanks to my grandchildren Julia and Drew, my friend Chloe and her mom Emily, my niece Caroline, and my next door friends Sarah and Emma, who love to come over and sew! Yes! There is a new generation of quilters!


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