Thanks to a Special Friend

Six years ago, my quilting friend Polly Mello told me that she wanted to nominate me for The Quilters Hall of Fame. She needed my help with paperwork, especially my resume. We got it all together and turned in the nomination. And waited.

Each year, as someone was nominated, we talked about it, and then updated the nomination two years ago. This is one of those friendship stories about not giving up, being positive, and trying again! 

It’s also about being knocked off my feet by Breast Cancer and chemo and now treasuring every incredible moment! And the support of family and friends who cheered me up and kept me going. When we go to The Quilters Hall of Fame this July, one of the quilts on display will be Ribbons and Roses. Polly was the energetic quilter who collected blocks from friends and coordinated the making of the quilt.Polly is also a fun, incredible speaker who loves to find the macabre in quilts. She has encouraged us to love bugs and snakes and critters and chocolate coffins in October. I love to hear her say the word “creepy”. Thanks, Polly!

Isn’t she just the sweetest! 



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