Overwhelming AHA! Moment

There are fifty honorees in The Quilters Hall of Fame. Yes, I felt very honored and blessed when I found out that I would be inducted this year. But there was a moment last year when I looked at the list of honorees and it took my breath away. It was a truly overwhelming AHA! Moment.

There are quilt historians, collectors, authors, teachers, and of course quilt makers. When I saw the names Rose Kretsinger, Anne Orr, and Marie Webster, I recognized quilters who have inspired me! These quilters made incredible Applique quilts many years ago. You do know that applique quilts are my favorites! Jinny Beyer was the first “famous quilter” that I took a class with, and she made me feel like I could design anything! I learned so much by watching Georgia Bonesteel and Eleanor Burns teach quilting on TV!  I read Jean Ray Laury’s book when my first son was born….her chapter “The Playpen in the Studio” encouraged me to quilt even though there was a baby in my life! I’ve met Karen Bresenhan at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston. And Bonnie Leman and Carter Houck brought quilts to my home each month in their magazines. All of these quilters have personally touched my life.

But here’s the fun one…..the very first Quilters Hall of Fame honoree is Dr. William Rush Dunton, Jr. He’s the doctor who wrote a book in the 1940’s with many many photos of Baltimore Album Quilts. He’s from Baltimore! Not just Baltimore, but my town of Catonsville! The first time I saw his book, I recognized the address on the front page. So get ready…..here comes another quilter from Catonsville!



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2 responses to “Overwhelming AHA! Moment

  1. Mary Capano

    How interesting Mimi…where did or does he live in Catonsville? The name sounds so familiar….and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well deserved.

    • He lived on Symington….I grew up in Paradise….Shady Nook….inside the Beltway. I used to park in the alley right next to his house when I visited a friend on Nunnery! Another one of those fun “Smalltimore” stories! He was a psychiatrist who treated “nervous ladies” with quilting.

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