Another AHA! Moment!

Each year, the inductee at The Quilters Hall of Fame is asked to put together a quilt exhibit. I heard this and said, All Right! Oh, yes! I’ve got Quilts! I can do this! 

So I’ve been working non-stop since January, getting the quilts together, making sure they all have labels and sleeves for hanging. Collecting their info….like size, date made, and artist statements. Signing permission slips for the quilts to spend the summer in Indiana. I am so organized!

About two weeks ago, right after I turned in all the paperwork, I had another AHA! Moment! As my brain rested after all the organizing, I realized that this is one of those Bucket List things that I didn’t even realize was on my list. This is a “One Woman Quilt Show”! And it will be hanging in The Quilters Hall of Fame! 

I will definitely share pictures in July, but here’s a preview…..the first quilt is called Baltimore, circa 2008. I made the blocks as I taught my Baltimore class, probably for ten years between 1996 and 2006. It was quilted by Didi Salvatierra and finished in 2008. It’s about 90″ square. This is my best quilt!

 And the second quilt is my Baltimore Hon. I started her in a class with Mary Lou Weidman, who teaches story quilts. Hon is a Baltimore quilt, with many of the same elements and techniques as 2008, but she has a different attitude! She’s about 45″ square, and she’s the one everybody talks about!



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