Two Quilt Exhibits

I got so excited about my quilt exhibit, that I asked if I can have TWO quilt exhibits! This is a celebration….let’s party with quilts!

The second exhibit is my students’ quilts. This was very important to me. I’m a teacher…..and I would not be one without my enthusiastic students! I love to teach the basics of applique, and many of my students have taken this farther and farther, appliqueing quilts with many intricate pieces, wonderful collections of blocks, and beautiful designs! Not to mention the gorgeous fabric choices! 

I wanted to take my students to The Quilters Hall of Fame with me! Some of them have made fabulous quilts on their own. Some have reproduced antique designs. Students in my Grad Class have adapted patterns and designs to make them their own. And some students have helped me make quilts for my books. There are some things I could never have done without them!

So let these quilts represent all of my quilting students over the past forty years! I’m not going to select anyone by name, but I will give you a preview of two of the quilts! Here’s a Diary Quilt from my book that uses quilt blocks to tell our life stories. And a quilt adapted from an antique Bird of Paradise/ Civil War Bride quilt. Aren’t they just amazing!



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