Taking My Students to The Hall of Fame!

i feel very strongly that I would never be in the Quilters Hall of Fame without my students! They keep me doing what I do! Seeing them create beautiful quilts is so much fun. I love the colors they use, and really love it when they change things to reflect their ideas and personalities.

So I had this idea. What if I got my students to make appliquéd quilt blocks and make a special quilt to donate to the Hall of Fame this summer! That way, my students and friends would have stitches there! The quilt would represent all of my students! Yes!

So I chose a pattern by Marie Webster. She created this pattern, Cherokee Rose, in 1916…..so close to 100 years ago!  Marie lived in the house that is now The Quilters Hall of Fame! She designed quilts, lectured, and created patterns for her quilts. Her Cherokee Rose quilt was light pink and green on a white background. And of course, hand quilted.

Almost 100 years later, we used a white background, but appliquéd the roses in multicolored batiks….a fabric very popular now. Our quilt is beautifully machine quilted. My Grad School helped get the fabrics prepared and stitched blocks, as did some other quilters who found out about the project. There’s 67 flowers on our quilt, and a scalloped border reminiscent of Marie’s quilt. Oh…and my ten year old granddaughter took a few stitches! 

We started in January, and yesterday I took our Baltimore Friendship Garden to Grad Class! 




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5 responses to “Taking My Students to The Hall of Fame!

  1. Sue Hilton

    It’s beautiful!!!!

  2. Elaine Loughlin

    Thanks for sharing the picture of the quilt. It turned out beautiful! Be proud of what you have accomplished with your students. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be the quilters we are today.
    Now share a picture of the label as it is a work of art also..

  3. Mary Capano

    What a lovely idea and simply a beautiful quilt! Bravo!


    Cannot wait to seequilt at Marion. Norma Gail Reiman

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