There’s three ladybugs on my a Rescued Pink Roses quilt! Not real ones, but cute adorable little pink appliquéd ones!

Have you ever seen ladybugs on appliquéd quilts? They are easy to make and they are usually there for a reason. They are great for covering up little problems…..often a little unwanted cut in the background fabric. My ladybugs cover three unsightly dark age spots that just wouldn’t wash out of the white background fabric.

Here’s how I did it! I first Googled ladybugs for a photo. I used a permanent fine line marker….a Pigma pen, sepia color, size 5… draw a ladybug and her spots on my pink fabric. I cut them out, turned under the edges, and appliquéd them with pink Aurifil thread. Then I used dark brown thread to add a few stitches to the head and some dainty legs. They are about 1/2″ long.

Isn’t this one just adorable!



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  1. Sue Hilton

    I love ladybugs. Yours is adorable!

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