A Very Special Label

Every once in awhile, you make a very special quilt and it deserves a very special label. More than just the name of the quilt, the name of the maker, and the date. 

This label is for our Baltimore Friendship Garden. It’s made with the last block that was turned in….the block that showed up after the quilt was assembled. But….that was not a problem……it makes a fabulous label!

It’s got it all! Name of the quilt, the makers, and the machine quilter. It’s got the date, the place it was made, and the donation statement. It’s got the names of quilters who helped finish the quilt, even though they did not applique a block…..and best of all….my granddaughter’s name…because she added a few stitches to the quilt.

So, when you finish your quilts, let the label tell your story! It will keep future generations from making up stories about us!



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