Quilt Labels

When a quilt is finished, a  label is very important.

Years ago, I did a project with 19th century quilts at the Smithsonian. Very very few of these quilts have labels. I was so curious about the quilts. Who made them? Where were they made? Why were they made? When were they made? Sometimes the fabrics gave clues to the time the quilts were made, but the other questions were a mystery. Once I made up a story about one of the quilts, about a quilter who loved sunflowers. Oh, no! We don’t make up romantic stories about quilts in the Smithsonian!

So, what can we do to help the next generations understand our quilts? Labels!

At the very least, a quilt label should have the name of the quilt, the name of the quilt maker, and the date. It also helps to have the place where the quilt was made. From there….you can add why you made the quilt, who you made it for, and any other fun information you want.

I have a “standard” label I use for most of my quilts that I make for book projects. It’s printed with my computer printer on fabric called Printed Treasures. It has my logo, my name, and room for me to write the quilt name and date. Along the bottom edge, it also has my complete address and phone number ( it’s not on this photo). I usually have a few ready when I finish a quilt…it’s a step that I don’t like to forget!

Here’s a photo of my quick and easy label…tomorrow I’ll step things up and show you a very special one! 



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