Sixty Quilts!

I have a new appreciation for anyone who organizes a quilt exhibit!

I’m not complaining! I can’t wait to see my quilts and my students’ quilts hanging next month! I started getting organized in January and just took a deep breath! I’m ready!

I started by deciding which quilts I wanted, then got them out to look at them and make sure they looked good. I laid them out flat on a guest bed to get any folded wrinkles out. My students got their quilts ready, too. For some, the exhibit deadline meant that they finished their quilts! Accomplishment!

I wrote descriptions for each quilt….name, date, size, a few words about the quilt. Oh, yes! That was supposed to be on the label…..but sometimes I needed to measure the quilt or look up the info. Working with my students, I reverted to being an English teacher…we needed complete sentences about our quilts!

Speaking of labels….there were some quilts without labels! They have them now! There were also some quilts without sleeves for hanging…that took a little longer. Whew! And I found one quilt that only had the binding basted on…it’s finished now! I am so organized!  

And we had some of the quilts appraised. It’s scary sending your quilt away! We talked about packing quilts and how to ship them. And then there was paperwork….loan permission slips for TQHF…..and information for the cards that will hang alongside the quilts.

It’s all done! There will be thirty quilts in my exhibit and thirty of my students’ quilts. My students are ready too! The quilts will be in Indiana in five weeks! We are organized and can’t wait!  



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