More than Just Quilting

Just a fun story about Grad Class….. For two years we worked on the appliquéd quilt blocks for a quilt called The Civil War Bride’s Quilt (aka The Lost Boy Quilt or the Bird of Paradise Quilt). We chose this as a project because it was the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Check out the last post to see Polly’s version of the quilt.

When we started the project, one of our members said she was going to pretend that her husband was away fighting the Civil War when she stitched her blocks. Another student in the class heard this and proceeded to send her letters from her husband. They arrived at different times, letting her know where he was “fighting”. One letter even arrived written on a paper bag….from his “prison cell”. The writer was kept secret through out the project!

Fast forward to one of the last classes. It was the bride block! We decided to have a party….a shower for the bride! We brought gifts that were donated to a women’s shelter. We had lunch and a beautiful cake from the local bakery. We wore fancy hats and had a great time!

Meanwhile, I have a friend who is the town crier in Annapolis and he also dresses as historical characters. 🙂 I offered him lunch if he would join us that day!  So……surprise! Just after lunch, we heard a bell ringing. A handsome young man came into the room full of quilters asking, “Eleanor? Where is my Eleanor?” 

She took one look at him, and calmly asked, “Well, Where have you been?!”

It was one of the best quilting days ever! Yes, quilting is more than just stitching blocks! It’s creativity, fun, and friendship! I love my students! 



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