Celebrate! Fabric Plate!

Next week on June 21, the 2015 Row-by-Row Experience begins for this summer! You can visit quilt shops and ask for their free Row-by-Row pattern, a fun design that can be added to other shop designs to create a quilt! You can also purchase fabric kits for their row designs, pins, fabrics, other goodies, and something I think is very fun….Fabric Plates!

The Fabric Plates are designed by my quilting friend Deb Gabel here in Maryland! They have fun “vanity” sayings like the license plates we see on cars….but these are fun quilt words! Last year I collected several from Maryland and Delaware and traded them for plates from Washington state and California. A student brought me a prized one from Tennessee. They are fun souveniers for travelling quilters! I bought them in Indiana last year…..which gave me an idea.

What if I had a plate to celebrate my Hall of Fame induction! What if it had the names of two states because we are travelling from Maryland to Indiana! What if it had balloons, needle and thread, and confetti! Hooray! Deb made it happen for me!

My plate is slightly different than the official Row-by-Row plates, but it is the same size and can be used in quilts with the other ones. Right now, there’s only two places you can get them! The Quilters Hall of Fame gift shop….and my web site http://www.mimidietrich.com.

Have fun this summer and Celebrate with me! 




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3 responses to “Celebrate! Fabric Plate!

  1. Mary Martin

    Are you going to bring any to the meeting Thursday?

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