I’m Sew Ready!

Its one month until my induction into The Quilters Hall of Fame! OK….from now on I will call it TQHF!….even my auto- spell knows it that way!

This past Wednesday The Baltimore Applique Society had a wonderful kick-off party for me! I was rather nervous all day long, wondering what they had up their sleeves. This is very exciting, but also overwhelming, and I just worried that I would start to cry and not be able to stop, or just totally forget everyone’s names. I even wrote notes (like the Academy Awards!) so I would remember what to say….I never do that! It seemed like a dress rehearsal for the big day!

It was truly wonderful! The room was packed with friends…and I bet I can name most of them! Polly Mello, who nominated me for this honor, was a great mistress of ceremony, mixing her delightful humor with a serious explanation of TQHF. Colleen Hughes and Norma Campbell made us laugh with the top real reasons I was being inducted…my favorite was that I had designed a new line of tattoos for quilters…not! Kay Worley and her hospitality committee fed us well with goodies and cake! And members of BAS displayed their quilts around the room….just delightful!

We had a parade of show-and-tell quilts from my designs, and a very fun Quilt Block Salute…..I stood up front and lots of members held up blocks they were working on. That’s when I remembered to get out my camera….so here’s what the Salute looked like to me….sew much fun! 

 It was such a fun night! Thank you to everyone who came, brought quilts and blocks, and sent me off with so many good wishes. Thanks to the BAS for hosting the party…I’m the speaker at the September meeting, so come on the third Wednesday and have some more fun!



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6 responses to “I’m Sew Ready!

  1. ~Kay Butler

    “The Eastern Shore contingent” thoroughly enjoyed the evening and congratulate you on such a wonderful achievement! Feeling blessed that we could share in such a lovely evening!

  2. Ruth Ann Robinson

    So very excited for you Mimi. Have a blast! Huzzah

  3. Robyn MacKay

    Congratulations Mimi!!!! I’m so happy for you!


    Congrats!!! Quilting provides us all with such great friends

  5. Tammy Green

    Congrats Mimi !!!!

  6. Deb Geyer

    Wish I could have been there!! Deb Geyer

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