Wow! Thread Collection!

My absolute favorite thread is made by an Italian company called Aurifil. It is 100% cotton and is wonderfully thin, strong, doesn’t twist or knot up, or break easily…..and comes in fabulous colors! Yes, I love it!

I use it for applique….it’s very thin and blends in so well with fabric that the stitches are invisible! Once in a class, I suggested that students try it…just to see if they like it. When they came back the following week, one of the students said to me, quite loudly, “You Lied!” After being a bit shocked, I asked her what she meant and she said, “You should have told us we HAD to buy this thread…it’s fabulous!” Whew! Yes, the best way to find out about Aurifil thread is to use it!

So, in honor of my Hall of Fame induction, Aurifil has produced Mimi Dietrich’s Applique Collection! The colors match my favorite Baltimore Album Quilts, of course. The collection has eight spools of size 50 thread that I love for applique, and four spools of size 12, which is thicker and is great for quilting, gathering dimensional flowers, and making French knot embellishments. You can order it from my web site

You just have to try Aurifil thread! 




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3 responses to “Wow! Thread Collection!

  1. Elaine Loughlin

    Mimi, In the listing of your Aurfil threads, 2260 is listed twice. Is that a mistake or does it include two of that particular color?

  2. Teri

    ❤ can't wait to have a look! My favorite thread too. 🙂

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