Baltimore Albums

Baltimore Album Quilts were originally made in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1840’s and 1850’s. I first saw them “in person” at the Baltimore Museum of Art in the 1980’s and just fell in love with them! They are predominantly red and green on a cream-colored background, and each appliquéd block is different….like the pages in a photo album. Some of the blocks have written or embroidered signatures. They are all amazing!

The Baltimore Museum of Art and the Maryland Historical Society both have wonderful collections of these quilts. The MdHS has a few on display, and members of the Baltimore Applique Society have been documenting the collection for the last few years…..that means we get to see them up close!

So these are the quilts I love! I teach classes about making Baltimore blocks, and I have written three books about making them. 

TQHF asked me to donate one of my quilts to their collection. This quilt, Baltimore Basics, is the cover quilt from my book of the same name. I chose to donate this one because I made the entire quilt, hand applique and hand quilting. (Often, to meet book deadlines, I have other people help with the applique, or have them quilted by others.) It will hang in TQHF until September with my other quilts, but I won’t be bringing it back home. 

It’s a special quilt, and it’s going to a special new home! 



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