Secrets in Quilts

This is a post about quilts and life and friends. Quilts that tell stories, that speak to us, and maybe have secret meanings that aren’t known to everyone. I have some friends that need to know one of the secrets!

Last night my bridge friends came over to play cards. I am thrilled and very touched that some of them are coming out to Indiana. I think there’s enough for two tables of bridge! Our bridge group started forty years ago when some of us had our first children. Three of us got together with an older friend across the street who loved to hold our babies while we got a few moments to think! We added a few more players through the years, and started playing at night. Now there are twelve of us! We share photos of grandchildren and stories of our children, and we laugh a lot!

Why am I surprised that they are coming? Because they are not quilters! I was thinking about this and realized that there is a block dedicated to them in one of my quilts. My Diary Quilt is a quilt that tells my life story with quilt blocks. Some of the blocks have traditional names, and therefore meaning in my life, like Southern Belle, for my mom. Some of them have meaning to me, like the flag for the 4th of July.

But there’s a traditional block called Card Trick. To my bridge friends, at first it will just look like any other quilt block. But now they know that it’s in my Diary Quilt because my bridge friends are very special to me!



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