Rainy Day Marathon

It rained all day here in Baltimore on this very wet Saturday, but I have accomplished so much! It’s two weeks until we leave for Indiana, three weeks until the induction dinner. I’ve got to be ready!

So I looked over all the quilts for my exhibit. I can’t pack them yet because the quilts will be too creased. I made sure they were all in one place, that they all have labels, and they all have sleeves for hanging. I’ll pack them for good the day before we leave.

I packed books and some special goodies for the quilters on the bus trip! I signed all the books!

I packed my class for Saturday at TQHF….I’ve never been so ready for a class!

I packed costumes and handouts for show and tell…..Norma and I will be the hostesses and we’ve planned lots of fun! Gotta have costumes!

And I made sure everything is ready for Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA at the end of July. Whew!

I also followed my son Ryan on FaceBook as he ran from the Washington Monument in Baltimore to the Washington Monument in DC…..40.2 miles in under 8 hours with some friends. It was fun to see their pictures as they went down Route 1 from Maryland into DC. What an accomplishment! Whew!

No pictures today! Just packed boxes! Time to rest!


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