Power Point…..Power Quilts!

So everything is organized and ready for my exhibits and my class. There’s just one more thing that needs a little more work…..it’s my Friday lecture at lunch at TQHF! It’s called From “Baltimore to The Quilters Hall of Fame”. The script is almost ready, the slides are on one of those little magic computer thingies. It looks like it’s ready to go, but…..

I’ve been doing lectures for almost thirty years…..here’s the difference….I’ll be missing my “security blankets”!  I always do lectures with real quilts! I never really write a script. I pack quilts carefully in suitcases so that I can get them out in order, hold them, talk about each one, fold it up and go on to the next one. The quilts tell my stories! They give me the Power!

But my quilts will be hanging in one place, and my lecture is in another. This time, I’m doing it with Power Point. I will admit, this is the first time I’ve ever used PP. It was fun, it was easy, and a very good friend helped make it look wonderful! But it’s not the same…..there’s something about touching the quilts….

Here’s the first slide….I’m imagining myself at TQHF…..the lecture is going great…..all the technology is working fine…..but I think I still need to bring a real quilt for that day…..my “security blanket”…..my Power Quilt! I wonder which one I’ll take with me?




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2 responses to “Power Point…..Power Quilts!

  1. Teri

    so loving this journey. Wish I was going with you. Keep up the blog – so fun to read something that makes me happy, others happy and YOU happy!

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