Simplify Your Life

So today in my yoga class (the best yoga class ever!) our teacher Heather talked about keeping our lives simple, calm, and peaceful. It was a great theme for me, as that’s how I’m feeling!

I love organizing classes and lectures and being ready. If I wasn’t ready for TQHF right now, I surely would not feel peaceful or calm! But I’ve been working at this since the first of the year. A little at a time. And it has paid off!

There’s one more thing I need to finish…..and I can handle this…’s my class that I’m teaching at TQHF. I’m teaching gathered flowers. I did have a moment of panic about six weeks ago, when I realized that a dear friend (who is not a quilter!……feel the panic?) signed up for the class. I want her….and all my students…to feel successful.

So I started thinking about how I can make the class a little more simple, peaceful, and calm. Each night, I’m gathering a few strips for the flowers. I’m using pink fabric and that fabulous pink Aurifil thread! That way, we can practice on a sample, then complete a flower in class. It’s a little work now, but oh, it’s going to be fun to teach that class! 



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  1. Terri

    You deserve this award sweet lady, oh how I wish I could be there. I will be in spirit!!

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